Here’s what our customers have said about us:

“Needed a tow this morning.  Called, and they were able to dispatch a truck for me right away.  Gave me a fixed price based on my destination over the phone – which was VERY fair.  Didn’t gimme issues when I requested a flatbed, cuz my vehicle is lowered and has ground effects.  No extra charges, etc.  They simply said “No problem.”

The driver was *incredibly* courteous and caring for my car.  He spent a LOT of time making sure he was hooking up to a safe area that wouldn’t damage the car, then applying tension slowly to ensure nothing was gonna get pulled, bent, cracked, etc.  And again toward the end of the loading phase to make sure the exhaust didn’t scratch either.

Then he did the entire thing *all over again* when unloading the car, to ensure nothing got damaged, scratched, etc.  And this wasn’t cuz I was harassing him; he did this of his own accord, because he obviously had great care and concern for others’ prized possessions/property.  And I think that spoke VOLUMES not just about his character, but the type of company that would hire someone like that.

I hope I don’t need any further tows, but rest assured, if I do, I know who I’d call!”

- El-Masry A.


“I have had towing in the past from other company’s (not too often thank goodness) and I usually don’t bother to write a review but today we had excellent service with InterCity Towing. I actually made a few phone calls to check pricing and they were affordable compared to other towing companies and they brought out a flatbed tow truck and took great care with my car. Thanks InterCity! I would definitely recommend them to a friend.”

- Steph C.

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“was broken down in alb nm awhile back ! was given intercity towing by the local cat dealer ! and boy i was glad i called them ! with fast and professional service they took the time and effort toget my truck and trailer back for repair! i liked doing business with intercity towing and would recemend them to any one the need a wrecker service ! thank u again intercity!”

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